Alligator style Desk or Car holder for iPhone

  • $7.99
  • Save $8

\Always staying connected is now more important than ever. Keeping your phone visible in a way that is safe for you and other motorists is a big task, but this Crocodile Phone Holder is a up for the job. It’s provides a number of convenient and secure way to hold your phone during your daily commutes.

Product features:

For desktop video to watch movies, desktop business office, car control console folder mobile phone car navigation,
Car interior ornaments, small and beautiful, easy to carry, multi-purpose multi-compatible, human rational design, do not cover the screen does not block line of sight,
Two buckle design angle can be adjusted, clamping force stability no longer worry about mobile phone fall, domineering water chestnut with two-color with a sense of high-end style





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